Gogoro plan to raises $170 m from investor, rumor says it backed up by Temasek Holdings

Gogoro, a cleaner and smarter electric scooter for the modern city, invented by Taiwan-based startup in 2011, ready to raise next round about $170 m. Rumor has it that it might be backed up by Temasek Holdings, but hasn’t been confirmed yet. And also it may be top fund raising case in Taiwan by amount. 

螢幕快照 2017-03-16 下午11.49.38
Gogoro fund raising scale.

How Gogoro different from other electric scooter in Taiwan

In Taiwan, average one person own 0.7 scooter, 2016, we sold 800k scooters included 20k of electric scooters, which is 200% growth than 2015, assuming that is on account of government subsidy ($530 for new users, $900 for trade in non-electric scooter).

1. Battery-Sharing plan

Battery-Sharing kiosk called GoStation, 2015 for 90, 2016 for 300+ around 6 main cities.

Instead of waiting around for battery charging, drivers can grab the batteries out of the scooter and place them into GoStation, and then replace them with two fresh ones.

The new GoCharger battery charging hub can be used at home or retail locations and can charge a pair of batteries simultaneously, it launched in Taichung in August of 2016, accumulated at 100+.

2. Smarter app to control everything

  • unlock scooter
  • reserve battery at nearest GoStation (Gogoro’s battery -sharing plan)
  • change style
  • check scooter every minute, diagnose every minute

3. Better performance with higher price (compared to other players in Taiwan)

螢幕快照 2017-03-17 上午12.12.22
Gogoro with better user experience while much expensive.


How Gogoro perform?

螢幕快照 2017-03-17 上午12.57.15

In August of 2016, Gogoro partners with German-based Bosch, 200 of Gogoro’s Smartscooter vehicles equipped with Coup’s (owned by Bosch) cloud and app bring scooter-sharing in Berlin. The scooters will be rented for a flat-rate fee of 3 euros ($3.34) for 30 minutes or 20 euros ($22.29) for the whole day.

Recently, Bosch added 800 Gogoro plus to 1000+ in Berlin.

Photo credit: Taiwan Bosch

Plan for 2017?

That planned to use new round of money to expand in Taiwan.

  • From 9 cities to whole west-side cities (11 cities)
  • Increase GoStation’s density (1 GoStation/km in main cities, 1 GoStation/8-16km in suburbs)

Is it enough for investors?




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